69 Camaro Yanko finally finished!

Ron Harris

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Well I finally was able to finish the Yanko clone that has been waiting for my attention.


The owner wanted the stickers removed from the car. It was on the sides as well as the hood of this beast!

The vaporsteamer took care of this.

Some of the adhesive was left behind. I used denatured alcohol to remove this. It wasn't easy.



This was the hood after the stickers were removed. Nasty



I needed to wet sand the hood and the sides to remove the gohsting from the stickers as well as remove some orange peel from these areas and the roof. This shot kinda shows the roof OP.




I then compounded the entire car with a wool pad.

Then used the polish and a wool polishing pad.

Orange pad was next with polish>

After that it was a white LC pad and polish.

I then Cycloed the entire car and thought I was finished. It has been overcast for the last couple of days and thought every thing looked good. Then the sun came out. Oh Crap marring and I thought I finished and had two coats of Opti-Seal.

Well it was back inside and I did a rotary polish with a 100ppi pad and Menzerna FPII.

Back outside and it was finished.

The next series of pics are the finished product I forgot to take pictures of the monster RAT motor. I will take some tomorrow.


Roof shot in the sun!



fender in the sun!


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Very nice Ron! Thats an awesome car. You said its a clone any idea of the cost for that? Minus motor if easier. I love those style camaros.


You could take any 69 camaro and make a Yanko clone. The problem is finding the badges, This one has original ones. It is now missing the stripe. The original motor was a 427 this one has a 502.

This Camaro is totally modern he spent 130000.00 for the running gear and all the suspension. All parts were supplied by a company called Detroit Speed. It is top of the line.

A clone could sell for over 30,000 easy.

The customer picked the car up this morning and was floored at how great it looked. He thought it looked good prior to me working on it. Maby I can get my hands on his Cobra next!


This is a camaro I did a couple of weeks ago and the guy is asking 30,000 for it and it is only an rs. It dose have a very stout 427


That is my youngest son in the picture. I stood on it in the parking lot with him riding shotgun and smoked the tires he thought the motor was on fire due to the cloud of smoke coming from the back of the car lol.

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