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I am perplexed over the lack of coverage [marketing awareness] to the man or the company who produces the products we use.

David [Dr.G] will be a keynote speaker on the subject of “Designer Polymers – Learn about the future of car care” at Mobile Tech Expo held at Harborview Center in Clearwater, Florida, USA. January 18th through January 19th, 2008.


Here's the Schedule of Events:



While we have ongoing discussions about professionalism and certifications…this type of information concerning David and OPT has been missed?


Had I known earlier that David would be a keynote speaker I would have booked my hotel and headed to Florida to increase my knowledge base and meet David in person. My wife will be out of town on business and her schedule could have been rearranged had we known about David’s presentation.


As a businessman, detailer, user and seller of No Rinse™ Wash & Shine we dropped the ball. To continue in business we all must be on top of our game. I was blindsided by one of my clients asking if Dr.G is the same guy I have discussed with him who is mentioned in the schedule of events and I was disappointed in my lack of awareness.


I am glad for David and OPT in getting the message out to others [marketing] that polymers are the future.


I do not talk much on forums unless I have something positive to contribute and this is constructive criticism that we can learn from.


We have to support each other in any way possible.

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