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big thanks to Justin from Obsessive Detail.

Always helpful in answering my newbie questions, and professional advice from him.


my first encounter was the ONR from a local reseller, which i got for 55 AUD, comes down to about 50 USD !


after the wonderful optimum experience, I decided to get more ONRs and a bottle of opti-seal that everyone's raving about. postage from one end to the other end of the world was crazy, so ended up ordering more in "bulk" and squeeze as much as we can into the tiny flat rate box.


and I wasn't disappointed at all, opti seal works a treat and the durability rocks !

My car now has 2 coats of opti-seal. (1 coat after weekly ONR wash, so yeah 2 weeks since).



and as everyone knows, optimum has just released their new formulas, and I had to try it . I am confident of Doctor G's works, and for the second time round, ordered in "bulk" again.


just got them in today, I will be trying out the spray wax and instant detailer this weekend. not sure when I can get to the poli seal, maybe the weekend after. As it is not very convenient to use the buffer in the apartment's common carpark, I will be applying the poli seal by hand, and probably see how it performs on the bonnet.


I will post up my reviews and pics when it's due.


for now, here's the "collection" , and also pics of the second weekly ONR and opti seal coat.

either the camera , lighting , or photographer(me) sucks, but the before and after looks similar (so i've only put on the after pics) ! or maybe its the opti-seal that is still shining even after a week.


wheels done with p21s wheel cleaner. I was lazy and didn't bother to put on tire gloss gel :nana:

car done with onr then one layer of opti seal. thats it.



just a note that my car's always parked undercover, and driven very seldom, probably half an hour a day (2 trips combined).



on a side note, I still have the swissvax cleaner fluid (light) unopened, and I'm waiting for my Pete's 53 to arrive. ordered them before discovering optimum ! wished I had done so earlier.


but yeah I will go ahead with the spray wax this weekend and see if it is worthy of replacing the pastes totally. I'm sure people from all the old and new schools will have different views bout sprays vs pastes, but we shall all see from the results yeah.









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