Gloss coat on HDPE plastic - Yeti Cooler

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Guest Outdoor7or24

Hi, just wondering how good of adhision I can get with gloss coat on a Yeti cooler - HDPE plastic.


I have several yeti coolers and they have tiny 'pits' that over time collect dirt and makes them hard to keep clean. This is on the outside and inside.

I was thinking gloss coat could fill in those pits and help keep the cooler cleaner or repel dirt better.


I know that when applying paint or logos it is recommended to heat up the plastic to release some of the 'release agents' --- "L, M, and HDPE contain release agents that absorb back into the plastic. This is why coolers are so slippery and chemical resistant (think white cutting boards and hard hats). Upon heating, these agents surface, and will pop any paint off, you MUST get these removed from the plastic. Even after you think you,ve cracked it, take the piece into direct sunlight, and see if the paint releases ( do a test piece!)"


So what do you recommend? I have a brand new Yeti cooler that I would like to treat, should I heat it up (paint guys use a propane torch, this is how Yeti puts custom logos onto the coolers) or just apply gloss coat as I would on my vehicles?


Thanks in advance.

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