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Hello experts. I'm hoping you can provide some clarification. I searched the web and these forums, and didn't find the answers I was looking for, so here I am...


1. I saw that Opti-Lens is very similar to Opti-Coat (Guard) but has added acrylic resin + UV inhibitors. Are you able to comment more on the UV inhibitors?? Specifically, how much UV does it block? Some tints/eyeglasses/sunblock lotion, etc. states 100% UVA + UVB. Is there such a rating for UV inhibitors?


2. As Opti-Lens is a permanent coating, and to my understanding, UV-blocking/inhibiting products are consumed (used up as they sacrifice themselves and block/absorb the harmful UV rays), will the UV-inhibiting properties of Opti-Lens be consumed over time, and lead to the Opti-Lens coating eventually having no UV protection?


3. Relative to a top quality automotive clearcoat, how much UV would Opti-Lens block? Say, 20% as much, 50% as much, etc??


4. I've seen it mentioned that while Opti-Lens is mainly for headlights, it can and should be used on any plastic/trim. Is it recommended or safe for Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic parts, such as hoods, spoilers, roofs, lips, etc? Would it provide good UV protection for those pieces?? As you probably know, Carbon fiber can yellow over time with exposure to UV, much like headlights. Would Opti-Lens be a viable solution to prevent this ugliness?


Thanks much.

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Thanks for the replies Chris. I think you answered my questions to the best of your legal and disclosure ability :) I suspected some of the answers were not "publicly available".


My main concern was if you thought Opti-Lens would be safe and good for carbon fiber; glad to hear it is. I'm planning to Opti-Lens my carbon fiber parts, and just wanted to double check.

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Oh it will be a while. It's for a new car, which i haven't bought yet. Just planning. I was looking for a UV protection solution. Some kind of coating, wax/sealant, maybe even a clear bra film. Then, it was like Optimum read my thoughts, and presto opti-lens is on the market. I was just scared it was too good to be true. If it has at least as much UV protection as automotive paints/clears, that's outstanding. Oh and I'll put it on my headlights too :)

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