Metabo & Dynabrade = Ultimate detailing machine

Ron Harris

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Recently I purchased a Metabo polisher. (I now have a Metabo rotary, Makita rotary, Porter Cable rotary, Milwaukee rotary and a cyclo.)

The Metabo is quite simply the best rotary I have ever used. and have removed all other polishers from my service van.


I have had the Dynabrade Random Orbital Head Kit for close to two years now. It attaches to the rotary and converts it to a DA.

With the full size rotary it was kind of clunky and heavy and never could really get used to it. I thought i would give it another shot with the metabo.

After a couple of weeks working with it I can say it is an great combo. I modified the backing plate ie cut it down on the sides to accept smaller pads.

You can apply as much pressure to the metabo with the dynabrade attached to it and not have any bog at all!

I would highly recommend this combo to a beginner and a seasoned pro simply because with the dynabrade attached it will give the novice time handling the tool and when ready to start do full corrections can remove the attachment and start practicing. Both tools are high quality

Another bonus is you dont have to purchase the small cyclo pads as well as rotary pads. I recommend the 4" LC backing plate


I only use the dynabrade for finishing however I have had a couple of black vehicles that the customers only wanted a one step polish done and had better then average results with this combo a white LC pad and Optimum polish.

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