Opti-Coat 2.0 after 1 week


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So I finally Opti Coated My '14 Jeep Grand Cherokee but the application was not perfect, working early morning in the shade but temperate got higher and parts of the Jeep was under direct sun light while I was in the middle of the coating process! I didn't want to wait until it cools down later coz I already spent almost the whole previous day cleaning it so I just wanted to finish anyway and spend the remaining of that weekend with family..

I know it shouldn't be applied to hot panels under direct sun light but I went on and finished it anyway but I expected it to fail on some panels/sections but left it alone to cure for 1 week then washed with Optimum Car Wash, regular 2 bucket method..

Luckily it was beading and sheeting well, Idk if it's really well or should be better?! you guys please check this little video (sorry it's one hand held phone video) and tell me if it looks successful or not feedback%5B1%5D.gif

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