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New member. I was never really into detailing at the professional level, just my own cars. Sort of let my cars to go pot, and now I've become OCD again.


Optimum products are new to me, but I love them. I feel like they are to car care what, say, an iPhone was to the cell-phone market: the way it should be, the way of the future. I'm planning to Opti-Coat all my vehicles, and sold a couple of friends on it too. I just can't see why someone would NOT Opti-Coat their car. I need to do a little prep work for my cars, like fix a few rock chips and scratches, a minor dent repair, and possibly a respray, which is why I haven't coated the cars yet. I've been using Opti-Clean APC, and it's worked pretty good, but it has it's limits. It really is an all-purpose cleaner. I've used it on tires, leather, shoes, steering wheel, and so far, so good. Got a bottle of ONR waiting for a trial run. I think I'm going to do a slightly different approach in using it. I'll post my questions in the ONR forum. Also got the OPT Car Wash solution, for the old fashioned way :)


I really hope they come out with an Opti-Guard equivalent coating for leather. I've seen side bolsters wear, and I already see it on my newer car.


Anyways, I just wanted say hi and how much I like OPT products!!

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