Can someone please replicate this method let me know your results?

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I posted this in the car soap forum, but there seems to be a lot less traffic on that forum. Hoping you guys may respond


I swore I would never get a black car again, but I ended up with one (Panamera S)

My goal is to not touch the car to minimize swirling.

I did the following and it seemed to work very well. I don't let my car get too dirty so not sure this would work for extremely dirty cars.

#1 I diluted 1/2 ounce of Optimum No Rinse into 2 Liters of water and put it in a pressurized sprayer that you can manually pump. Sprayed my whole car in this solution and then let it sit for a couple minutes.

#2 Used a pressure washer to rinse off. In other words, I am not using ONR as a waterless rinse, I am using it as a prewash.

#3 I used a foam cannon to foam the car with Optimum Car Shampoo and let sit on car for 3 minutes

#4 Use Wheel Woolies to wash wheels during this 3 minutes

#5 Pressure washer to rinse car off

#6 Use Leaf Blower to blow water off car and dry.

I did this without the ONR rinse the first time and it didnt work that well. I could see film and spots left. But when I added this step it seemed to work flawless.

I am paranoid about swirls so if I was going to wax my car, I probably would include a 2 bucket wash between step 5 & 6 so make sure there is no film left behind.

I couldn't see any road film left behind on this black car, but not sure how well you can see it on a black car?

Anyway, I was wondering if someone of you could try this method and let me know your results and post reply in this thread?

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