Optimum Glass Coat Application Troubles


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Hello everyone. Yesterday I received my order of Optimum Glass coating and decided I couldn't wait so I coated the windows/windshield on my in-laws car (my car has Opti-Seal and I didn't feel like breaking out the polisher to remove it). I've seen all the OPT videos and read the instructions on the bottle (and followed them) but still had some questions/issues with application.

First, the process I used:

1. Clean with ONR.

2. Some of the windows had some bad water spotting, so I decided to use MDR first to remove them. After a couple applications of MDR and being mostly happy with the results (another issue for another thread), I rinsed completely.

3. Just to be thorough, I clayed the glass as well to make sure there were no other contaminants on the glass. Then I rinsed and dried the glass.

4. Applied Opti Glass Coating per the instructions on the bottle and videos I've seen with Yvan.

5. Buffed off high spots after 2-3 minutes using an Eagle Edgeless Rag Company towel.


Now, the main problem I had was trying to buff off the high spots. After waiting the recommended 2 minutes, it was very difficult to level the high spots (almost felt like I was trying to wipe off something that was on the other side of the glass). I wiped until I felt like I had gotten everything I could and there were no more visible spots/streaks. When I came out this morning the windows were covered in condensation/dew from overnight and in several places, you could see the swirl pattern from when I applied the coating. That to me was an indicator of something gone wrong as I would think that the windshield and windows would be perfectly uniform in the appearance with condensation if done correctly. I know the directions say to apply when temps are between 60 and 90*F and not in direct sunlight but I've seen another post on here saying the minimum for any coating is 40*F. Yesterday it was 55 and cloudy so I don't think temperature was the issue. What could I have done differently that would help with the high spots and avoid the non-uniform look of the glass when dew gets on it?

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