Should Opticoat PPF be applied over Opticoat Pro?


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My detailer is installing Opticoat PPF this weekend. He said he applied the Opticoat Pro first and is applying the PPF over the Opticoat Pro. Is this correct?

My understanding was the PPF is applied first then the Opticoat Pro is applied over the top of that. I asked him about this and he said with Opticoat PPF the ceramic coating is applied first. This just doesn't seem correct to me. I thought the ceramic coating would help protect the PPF in addition to repelling water and giving extra shine. It seems pointless for it to be under the film.

Can someone please confirm whether the ceramic coating belongs under or over the PPF? Thanks.

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Opti Coat Pro can be applied before film as well as on top of film. The benefit of applying Opti-Coat Pro   to paint before PPF is to protect paint from damage  if the PPF  is ever removed .The benefit of applying Opti-Coat Pro    over PPF is to protect film from damage and adding chemical protection and hydrophobicity. 
If you are getting Opti-Coat Pro +   ,  the Plus part should only be applied on top of PPF after Opti-Coat Pro . Of course the painted  areas that are not getting PPF are to receive pro and pro plus as needed.
Also of note Optimum offers Opti-Coat PPF, a spectacular film that of course works in synergy with Opti-Coat Pro +.
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