On top of PPF, Hyper Seal vs Ceramic Coating

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I did a full PPF wrap on my car. I debating about what to do to seal and protect the PPF.  I have been using Hyper Seal about once every 4 months and love the shine and protection.  I am also considering applying a ceramic coating. I understand that the ceramic coating would be longer lasting. My question is, if I am religious about reapplying the Hyper Seal once every 4 or 5 months, does it provide a similar level of protection as a ceramic coating or would a ceramic coating provide a higher level of protection?  I enjoy detaling my car and I do not mind at all reapplying the Hyper Seal every 4 or 5 months.  I appreciate any thoughts or suggestions.

Thank you,


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I'm bumping this thread as I'm interested to know the answer.

Which protection is the best/affordable for vehicles with

1) PPF wrap

2) Gloss wrap

3) Satin/matte wrap

Protection would be:

1) Gloss coat

2) Hyper seal (New ceramic formula vs 2022 New formula)

3) Ultra ceramic seal

4) Combo of #2 & #3

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on all the surfaces you list, the best protection available to you would be Gloss-Coat (true ceramic).  Your choice of topper would depend on your preference - durability would be Hyper Seal, slickness = Ultra Ceramic Seal.  I personally don't see any difference in gloss.  A combination of Hyper and Ultra would be overkill to me, with no increase in durability/gloss/hardness. Both products pair well with Gloss-Coat.

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I put Gloss Coat on my gf's Jeep. 


Hyper Seal would have been my second choice. 


At work, some people get ppf, and don't opt for ther coating. In those situations I use Opti-Seal on them before releasing to the customer. 


From what I understand, either before Opti came out withe their film, Expel recommended Opti products. I could be wrong, but I did read the somewhere. Anything from Car Wax to Gloss Coat will work. 

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