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Just ordered an Optimum Ultra Clay Towel to use w/ Optimum Car Wax. The instructions state the following: "Prior to initial use rub Optimum Ultra Clay Towel on glass using clay lubricant".  What exactly is a "clay lubricant" to rub on glass? Thanks for the help.

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"Clay lubricant" in theory can be any liquid that provides some form of lubricity between the clay media and the surface you are rubbing against.  The standard Optimum clay lubricant is ONR at a dilution ratio 64:1.  In other cases you can use a spray wax (like Optimum Spray Wax) or even a detail spray if you would rather depending on needs.  I have in the past even used Ferrex as clay lubricant with the Ultimate Clay towel soaked with 256:1 ONR solution.  

The Optimum Ultra Clay Towel ( or any synthetic clay surface) is shipped with a protective coating which needs to be removed before applying to paint otherwise there is higher risk of marring the paint.  For initially removing this coating, ONR at 256:1 against windows should be acceptable clay lube as there should no risks of marring the hard glass surface.  But depending on application against a painted surface, it is generally safer to use the higher 64:1 ONR dilution ratio.

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