Opti-Coat Pro/+ Initial Expectations & Longterm

Dan Tran

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Hello Folks!

I have had prior experience installing XPEL FUSION PLUS Ceramic Coating. What I noticed with this coating is that the hydrophilic properties were off the charts initial. Even after about a month it behaves the way you would expected it.

Also, I understand that beading is not necessarily a good indication of durability as contaminates in hinder the quality of the coating as well.

In another place in the web, it was mentioned that Opti-Coat can be underwhelming for the first 6 months. Additionally, I have been told that after the first 30 days is when the really “magic” happens. Can anyone attest or even elaborate what this means.

As a newly approved Opti-Coat authorized installer, I have done a few installs. And here is what I am finding.

Paint Guard applied very nicely. The next day I swung by my client’s home to check on it and it passed the “water bottle” test.

Now here is where things get interesting for me. After applying both Opti-Coat Pro & Pro+, I  noticed that the water, after one week, will bead water SLOWLY, and will BARELY sheet. This is on my own personal vehicle when I got the DEMO Kit. I went on a 2008 Subaru Forester. The age of the vehicle shouldn’t have anything to do with matter, should it?

Where am I going wrong? Or is this the nature of this coating. I feel very confident with my prep work.




30-60 min window to apply Pro+ which would go on clear, if I see it than it’s too much, correct?

one hour after that Opti-Seal (optional).

one hour to see water with Opti-Seal otherwise 12-24 hours

7 days before being chemical resistant 

30 days total for a full cure. Can this take longer?

 Any input will be super helpful. Thanks!

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3 hours ago, Juanca said:

How's the gloss looking there?


I would personally worry more about coated defects and/or bad coating look. 

The beading should be evident so long as the coated surface is clean and free of certain chemical residues (even some soaps). 


The gloss looks great so far. I know that the surface was free from defects before applying. No worries there.

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