GC in the Heat & Humidity


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I have used this product several times prior, but today it’s was around 100 degrees in Ga when I applied GC to a red Silverado in a garage with the door popped.

 I had to fight streaks and high spots as it was flashing rather quickly, but not flashing away.  I got it to lay down by applying less product and going over it more than once with the applicator & or reactivating any streaks or high spots with the saturated applicator. 

It’s been my experience that in moderate temperatures GC is the easiest coating to apply, but things appear to change as the temp. goes up.   

Any insight on application tips for hot days are welcome & appreciated. 


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Every coating is going to be more difficult to work with in high temperature situations. My suggestion would be to apply early/late in the day when temperatures are not extreme or pick a cooler season to apply it.

Edit: If you're doing this on customer cars and you can't pick and choose when you apply it, you have to work in smaller sections.

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