New Spray On Coating From Optimum?


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Hi Dr G and Chris,


Recently got my hands on a sample of Gyeon Wet Coat Q2 (which I was told is about the same as CarPro's Hydro2). Tried using it over the last weekend and the application was really amazingly easy - just spray the product on a wet car and then using a water hose with high pressure to spread/activate the product and car was coated.


I just would like to ask if OPT will be coming up with a similar product soon (I really hope so), and if not, can such products be used together with Optiseal/OptiCoat i.e, on top of either after OOS or OC has cured?


PS: Not sure if I'm breaking any forum rules by listing the products by name. If I am, Mod please accept my apologies and delete the post.




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