First Timer using PC7424 and Optimum Products

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I'm a beginner trying to do as much correction as I can on my 2003 black Honda Civic and dark green 1996 Acura Integra. I've chosen the Optimum Line based off good reviews and their zero dusting products. My process so far, PC 7424 with 6.5" orange LCC pad with Optimum Compound speed 5 and finally Optimum Polish with 6.5" white LCC pad speed 5. It's a little improvement but the swirls are still visible and a little hazing is noticable. I did not put very much pressure initially but once I got a bit braver, I put a bit more push on the PC. Check out the pics and let me know what I should do to improve the results. Should I work the polish and compound a bit longer, more pressure, higher speed or should I step up to a more aggressive pad and compound? My original plan was just to do a AIO process using Poli Seal and a white pad but even after the compound and orange pad I obviously need do something a bit more aggressive in my process and product use. I am trying to stay away from the yellow pads and the Hyper compound as using those products may be a bit aggressive for a beginner so any pointers to get better results with the orange pad and compound will be appreciated. I'm guessing the Honda/Acura clears coats are harder. Here's some pics of the after:


I know it needs more work. (click to enlarge)



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