Opticoat applied yesterday! Have questions


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I did a paint correction and applied OC 2.0 to my front doors, fenders, hood, front bumper yesterday. I have a truck, so I am breaking it up into sections. 18 hours after applying the coating I was driving and some water fell onto my hood from an overpass (it beaded nicely), but left water spots in the coating.

Should I use Detailer Coating prep polish (this was my LSP before applying OC) to chemically remove them?


Also, since it was my first application, I think it might be wise to layer it just in case I missed a spot here and there. Is it true that I can do this within 30 days? I'm afraid to wash with ONR and give an IPA wipedown since the coating was just applied.



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Well, I went ahead and experimented. I had other panels to apply opti-coat to, so when I was done, I just went ahead and reapplied to the panels I was asking for advice on (after an ONR wash). It seemed to work well. I feel more comfortable using the product now after the initial learning curve. I applied to 2 panels at a time and then lightly wiped with the supplied MF towel to knock down high spots. I wiped the whole panels just to be on the safe side and make sure I didn't miss any.

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