Mazda " Wet Paint "


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Dr. G


since you worked at Mazda maybe you could share a little about the WET paint system they have developed and maybe the newer version of it they are using now.


thanx Rik




Let me take this opportunity to set the record straight. I have never worked for Mazda but I have worked with their technical staff and had done some product testing with them. We have also worked with paint engineers and other technical staff at GM, Ford, Chrysler, and BMW. This will help us keep abreast of the latest technologies being introduced while developing products for them. I have also worked on automotive paint formulations for DuPont, PPG, Akzo Noble, Sherwin Williams, and Courtalds.


As for the paint system Mazda uses, the cars made in Japan have Nippon paint system and those made here in the US have PPG paint. Since Ford has a 38% ownership in Mazda, the two companies work closely on their paint systems and share some manufacturing plants as well. I have not heard about the WET paint system you are referring to unless you are talking about putting clearcoat on while the basecoat has not fully cured. That is generally referred to as wet on wet paint process. If you can describe this in more detail, then I can find out more information on the subject for you. Thanks.



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