01 Lexus with Optimum coating

Ron Harris

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Today i had the pleasure to work on this nice lexus again.

The owner lives in Austin and came all the way to my home to have the exterior worked over by me.

In the past i have done one complete detail on this car and on a separate occasion did a complete wet sand and polish.

The car has over 100000 miles and looks as good as a new one!


Today I washed with No-Rinse then clayed a little.

Next I ran rotary over the entire finish using an orange LC pad and optimum polish.

Finished the car using a 100 ppi pad and Menzerna FP II

Preparation for the coating came next with an IPA wipe down

I applied the Optimum coating with a blue disposable shop towel and let stand for 30 min.

The coating was applied to all painted surfaces as well as lights and wheels.

While the coating dried I cleaned the glass and dressed the tires with

Optimums Opti-Bond tire gel.

I did a final wipe with the Optimum instant detailer then cleaned the exhaust pipe with 0000 stel wool.


The car looked fantastic in person but feel my camera skills are lacking. Never ca seam to

capture the real effect. However the owner said he was happy with the out come.

I'm sure the car looked fantastic going back up I35 to Austin.








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Thank you guys for the kind words.


The coating looks glossy only after hour where I think the OS takes a little longer to achieve the same gloss level.

If you apply a thick layer of the OS the look is just as good as the Coating. However the coating will protect much much much longer.

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