OID anti static ?


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Thought I`d resurrect this unanswered post as the anti static properties of quick detailers are being questioned elsewhere

I was sure I`d read OID has anti static qualities but cannot find the reference




Thank you for bringing up this question. While some products have additives that may provide some antistatic properties, the flouropolymers we use to make Optimum Instant Detailer are inherently antistatic. So basically, as long as the polymers are on the surface, they will repel dust and dirt, as well as protecting from the elements.


Fluoropolymers have the lowest surface tension of any product (10-15 dynes/cm2) and therefore they repel anything and everything except other fluororpolymers. The only drawback is that these polymers do not bond to paint and last for just a couple of weeks.


Please let me know if I can be of further assistance. Thanks again.


David G.,

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