Detailing Recommendations for 2003 Millennium Yellow Coupe

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Hi: Have a very low mile 2003 Millennium Yellow Z51 Coupe (~6K miles....for a lot of reasons, a long story.....). It's garaged and only driven in good weather here in New York State. I am hoping to be able to use it a lot more soon.


Have read a great deal on many, many forums & mfgs. sites about various product lines, processes & techniques for hand and machine detailing work, etc.. However, I would also like to get some first hand information and recommendations for doing good detail work on my C5 (considering it's Millennium Yellow, in it's current condition).


Current condition is pretty good, I think.


> It's been washed and waxed (so far OTC products; I like Nu Finish Car Wash and Black Magic Liquid Wax). BM is a very bright and "bulletproof" finish, that's for sure.


> Swirls are minimal, but I suspect are better hidden by the fact that it's yellow and not a dark metallic. i.e. I suspect there is room for improvement (haven't micro-examined it under a high intensity pointed light source, nor do I have a local comparison for what a better detailing process/products might do for that color).


> I use the standard clean 2 bucket washing method, soft fiber washing mitts plus MF towels for drying and terry wax applicators/MF towels for polish removal. Have never used a DA polisher on any of my vehicles (but would like to A/R) or any of the great product lines discussed on this forum and in other places.


I see the trick to an excellent outcome is in the preparation. Therefore, I am generating the list of items to procure - DA polisher & pads, add'l MF towels, other hard goods, as well as, (now, this is the more personal choice & confusing part) the chemical products, to do an excellent job.


Hence, I'd like your product & process recommendations for my Millennium Yellow C5 cream puff, please.


The only other personal considerations might be:


a. Reasonable time expectations & ease of use to achieve a good outcome - perhaps improved preparation on the vette & all my cars, depending on condition, but then more AIO like processes for finishing???


b. I tend to like the idea of a single mfg. line of products; car top-to-bottom, for compatibility, introduction of fewer variables, one source for excellent/personal support which I consider very important, etc..


c. Products that are reasonably priced and make some sense in their cost/benefit trade-offs. And, having USA-made products would be a bonus, too.


I know there are improvements in products & process steps that you can offer me. So far, I perceive the greatest need to be in which chemical products to use for all the car detailing steps, as well as, particular process suggestions for a Millennium Yellow C5 Coupe!!


Many thanks in advance for your recommednations and input. I look forward to your constructive product & process advice for my Corvette.


Hope to hear from you shortly. Have a good one! Regards, Bob

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Hey Bob! Welcome.


Yes, the search function is now your newest best friend and will answer your specifc questions with great detail.


Too bad you don't live around Atlanta, Georgia as I would invite you over for a coaching session while working on your cars. Hands on experience using the OPT line, the PC, while covering process and techniques. Have buffer will travel. :beerchug[1]:


I use Optimum Products because they are eco-friendly and do what they say they will do. No marketing hype plain and simple.



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As noted, you'll most likely need and benefit from purchasing a polisher. The PC is good, the Flex is better. Then there is the Cyclo which I still use a lot even though the Flex orbital has taken over as my main orbital.


Your Vette has a hard clear coat so trying to do paint correction by hand alone is near impossible, unless your upper body is built like the Hulk! I recommend some 6 inch Lake Country orange pads for cutting and leveling, 6 inch Lake Country white pads for polishing (used after the orange pads) and 6 inch Lake Country finishing pads (blue, red or black if getting the Kompressor pads).


You'll need a paint friendly compound like Meguiars 105, Optimum, Menzerna or 3M. Also a mild polish like 205, Optimum, Menzerna or again 3M. To get the paint even better looking you may want a finishing polish like Menzera, Optimum or 3M.


Hope these help,


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