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I usually purchase my materials through Justin here who owns Obsessive Detail. He is a great guy to deal with, has fast shipping, great customer service and carries some of the best products including Optimum. I decided to try out some of his brand line of Wheel Seal and Waterless Wash. So far the wheel seal seems to be working quite well with only one coat and should do even better if I apply two or three. Right now I am testing it with one coat and then next will test with two coats and three followed up with pictures (soon to come). The waterless wash was something I have never really used. I always use No Rinse but thought it would be nice to add Obsessive Detail Waterless Wash + Carnauba to my arsenal of detail materials. I tested it on a Mercedes E320 I detailed a few months back that is now pretty dirty. I thought the car was a little too dirty for a waterless wash but figured what the heck, lets give it a try and see how bad it scratches it (it's a friends car who lets me test on it and he gets a free detail out of it haha). Well it seemed to work better than expected without ANY scratches and ANY swirls or streaking. I will post before and after pictures up next week of the results. It smells a LOT like Optimum Instant Detailer but blue in color. Not sure what is used to make it but either way it works great and I highly recommend it. :thumbsupup[1]:

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