Wash Product or Other for Removing Waxes/Sealants??

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A question about the best way to remove old sealants/waxes prior to applying fresh coats (whether the car is being polished or not)................


What products (perhaps wash products) are best to remove old waxes & sealants?? I know that using polishes. claying, etc. will remove old layers. However, if the car was not being clayed, polished or otherwise corrected, what is the best way (or product) to accomplish this??


Some forum posts suggest using Dawn dish washing liquid as a car wash. Isopropyl alcohol/water solution is also recommended. I have seen a write-up on Chemical Guys Citrus Wash & Clear being a good product at higher car wash concentrations to accomplish this. Griot's has also released something called Pre-Wax Cleaner (a clear liquid that has citrus and surfactant components....).


Is there any combination of Optimum products that will be able to do this? What, in your opinion is the best product/methodology for removing old sealants & waxes so I can start with a fresh pallet (even if there is no corrective step)? I'm assuming a combination of Opti-Seal and OCW once clean.


Appreciate the feedback.



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Yep. I'd spend a buck for some Dawn, or similar. I would also clay the car, after. If it has that much stuff on it, it's due for a clay. Adding other products, over an unclayed surface, will prevent the surface from really showing it's gloss.

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