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Interesting that the "New" ONR is being discussed all over the detailing forums except here.

Seems like there must have been a few testers that could offer some comments.

So far, I have heard:

It has more lubricity

It leaves more gloss

It smells like cherries or mulberries (?)

It is the same MSRP


The last version didn't seem to lack lubricity when used as a rinseless wash and that's all I use it for.

My Opti-Seal takes pretty good care of my need for gloss.

Never noticed the smell of the last version so it must not have been too objectionable.

So, how does it work for cleaning cars? :thumbsupup[1]:

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When ONR came out there was only QEW, but now that others are trying to enter the the rinse-less wash game, I suppose Dr. G just thought he could make it a little better. I think it is a very smart move to be the one who sets the mark instead of having to play catch-up. All Optimum products are very innovative and fill a gap that other brands seem to overlook or are unable to achieve. Polishes that don't dust, spray wax that looks and last like a paste, a three year coating that is as easy to apply as a sealant...and the list goes on.


Long story short, ONR probably didn't "need" an overhaul, but as car care enthusiast we rarely only do or buy things we "need." Dr. G is one of us, he makes things better just because he can. Scott Hair has washed thousands of cars with QEW and ONR and he testifies that the new formula is the real deal. Nothing has been lost and we have gained a safer, slicker product that has simplicity and functionality like no other.


Features: just waxed glow, mulberry scent, better lubricity (safer)


Hope this helps,

Chris Thomas



Very well said Chris!

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