Optimum Compound and Polish Comparison


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After my Optimum Exora detail, I decided to carry out a more in depth trial of the Optimum line of compounds and polishes on a black car.


Started off with an Optimum No-Rinse (ONR) wash.


50/50 after ONR.



Taped up for the comparison test:



One section of the test.



Finishing off the test with Optimum Polish II & Optimum Finish.











The original post is very, very long with an in depth look at the performance of each individual Optimum compound and polish. If you would like to read the entire review please visit my blog:




Thanks. Comments and feedback are most welcome.

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I like your testing. It would be great if we could take the time to show a customer what to expect from each level of correction prior to selling a service. The reason your Poliseal gummed and caked is that you used way too much. You should have only used about a third of that stripe and keep the speed very low like 800-100 RPMs. It will almost seem as if you are dry buffing, but you need to trust the product. You will only see a slight trail as you pass over an area and be left with almost no haze/residue to remove. Also, you can use PS directly after the OP II or OP finish to remove the residue and save a step.


Yeah. Got the same feedback from others as well. Have since tried it again with much less product and it works well.only wish it had a bit more initial cut for some correction.

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