Opti Coat Beading Pictures

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I put the Opti Coat on this car back in Mid-October 2009 and it is still holding up really strong, pretty much beads like day 1.


This car was buffed out to remove all scratches and swirls prior to applying the Opti Coat, I also did an alcohol wipedown to prepare the surface for the Opti Coat. If you are applying the Opti Coat, you want to make sure the surface is completely clean and free of wax or leftover oils from your polishing so that the coating can bond better and have more durability.


Here are some beading pics:









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I forgot to mention that there have been no waxes,sealants, or quick detailers used on this car since the coating has been applied. The car has only been washed with Optimum No Rinse or Optimum Car Wash.

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