Opti Coat Detail

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Here is a detail that I did last year with the Optimum Opti Coat. I've had a lot of people asking about what the coating looks like on the paint after being applied. I will try to find a couple more details that I took some pictures of with the coating applied.


Washed with ONR

Tarminator to take off all of the time and she had a ton

OD Claybar w/ONR as clay lube

Dressed tires and fenderwells with Optimum Tire Shine


Paint Correction

Optimum Compound w/LC CCS Orange Pad used with my Hitachi rotary

Optimum Finish Polish w/ LC CCS White Poling Pad


Wiped the the paint down with alcohol and applied 2 coats of the new Optimum Opti Coating as the LSP


Again, sorry for my crappy photos, by the time I was finished it was dark and you know how bad my camera skills are! I will try to get some pictures of it in the sun, it is supposed to rain the next few days though. :thud:










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