OCW or OID after ONR


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I've been using OCW after washing with ONR on a weekly basis and I love the results. Where would OID come in? Should I be using that instead after ONR and only OCW maybe once a month for protection?


I also use OS if I polish the car. Does anyone use OS as a regular maintenance product?


Would love to know how you use the products.



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If you use OCW that often, there's really no place for the OID unless you are trying to save some $$$. You can use them in any combo you like, but here's what I recommend to my customers between details with me. ONR weekly with OID on the second drying pass. OCW monthly in place of OID on the 4th wash in the exact same manner. If they go 3 months without coming to see me, ONR, mild clay, prepsol, OS pretty thick, buff off with OCW. Optimum's stuff is so easy and fast, I like to fool with my own car all the time.



Yeah, the OCW is so quick and easy to apply that it takes the same amount of effort as the OID. Lets say if $$$ was not the issue, would regular applications of OCW produce the best results of a combination wiht OID?


OID can be applied after OS to add to the gloss and depth of the paint.


I am wondering which would be the best combination.

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I have both, but always reach for the OCW. I use OID mostly as a duster when not dirty enough for ONR.


OID does leave a very nice glossly look to the paint though... just curious about how much protection, if any, OID has vs. OCW.

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