Opti-Coat Application

Andy White

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Not that I am aware, but it's easy. 1)prep surface 2)apply small amount to foam applicator 3)work to cover panel or area approx 2x3 4)within 2-3 min buff any thick spots or hazing (be sure to have good lighting as this is the most important step) 5)repeat on another panel. You can measure how much you apply easily. A medium sized car can be done with 10cc give or take. You can feel the friction change under the applicator when you need to add some more product. I saw a thread on another forum where a guy used almost 40cc on one car...totally wasted about 75% of the product.



LOL. Well if that was my car you're referring to...in my defense it was my first run at Opti-Coat and I did apply two coats to the entire car (paint, glass, wheels, trim). I also managed to drop a few applicator pads and the first time I pressed down on the syringe I wasted a little as the plunger was sticky....actually it would be nice to see the syringe work more like a caulking gun so that you have better leverage and control of dispensing the product.


I have the first of 5 cars lined up this weekend for OC application so hopefully I can get away with using on 10cc a car. ;)



Rasky :beerchug[1]:

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Haha, Rasky...I'm not sure who it was, but I think it was on a Toyota. No offense intended if it was you. Heck, blame it on a learning curve. LOL


Chris :beerchug[1]:


No worries, I wasn't offended in any way regardless if it was me or not. ;)


I just finished coating this 2010 Tahoe this weekend. Overall it was in nice shape but it did have some etched in water spots that required M105/Surbuf on the DA followed by Power Finish with LC tangerine pads. The rest of the vehicle just received the power finish step.


I coated all paint, glass, wheels, head/tail lamps, some trim, and door jambs. I only used 15-20 cc this time but I also had two incidents where the plunger stuck, which ended up gushing out a little OC when it finally moved. Seemed to happen towards the end of the application so I almost wonder if it's curing around the rubber gasket and leaving a tiny ring of cured OC???


Either way I was very happy with how the job tuned out. I was much more patient this time around and I carefully inspected each panel to make sure any blemishes were buffed clear.


I love this stuff BTW!


Some pics.










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