Getting water spots out of pain

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I have a relatively new black BMW 328i (6 months old) that has gotten water spots etched into the paint (irrigation sprinkler followed by hot sun). Is there an Optimum product that will remove the spots? So far I've tried Polish II w/ a yellow (heavier cut) pad using a Porter Cable orbital; spots are less obvious but still there. Any suggestions much appreciated!




(Sorry, meant for the topic to read "Getting water spots out of paint"; not sure how to change it now . . .)

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...water spots etched into the paint (irrigation sprinkler followed by hot sun).


I know I am a little late in the game in trying to reply to this thread but it might be helpful to someone in the future...


Let me first say I would recommend\use regular car detailing products in 99.9% of all cases but if all else fails you might try the following in an inconspicuous area. Do not try this on a whole hood for instance and use only for spot treatments. Apply distilled vinegar to a mf cloth. Blot the waterspot and let dwell for a few moments (do not let dry). Wipe off and inspect. If it looks like this has helped with the removal but it is not completely gone then repeat the process. Afterwards clean the area and reseal.I have tried this process recently on my wifes car which either had a bird bomb or large mineral deposit water spot. I had previously tried compounding which had no affect. This area bothered me every time I detailed her car and as a last resort I recalled someone previously mentioning this on a detailing forum. In my particular case this worked.

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