Great looking optimised porsche 911 in 55 minutes


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I had this wonderful opportunity to be able to help my buddy to beautify his interior....but there is TIME & COST effective ...limitation issue... he needed the ride in less than an hour.....




most commonly problem for any germans bud thought Malaysia is too hot till the knobs in his ride you dont find in any other they are not rubberished




common know issue in other German Marque Machine too....esp in E60s





intervention plan as following:-


1. wash & dry within 15 minutes - ONR No rinse wash


2, wax within 10 minutes - Optimum Car wax (spray, wipe & walk away)


3. interior detailing -

*door panels - clean within 10 minutes ( Optimum power clean - & brush off)

*dash & seats quick wipe down with a damp Microfibers 10 minutes (highly recommended weekly)


*leather & interior protected by Leather protectant plus (another spray, wipe & walk away) is good for all interior plastic, vinyl & rubber - 10 minutes


total time spent 55 minutes



ta da to here



By cleaning with Power clean & microfibers


moving on ..........interior





Leather cleaning....


recommended soft hair bristle brushes



ta da



now the dressing time



(a spray on , wipe off & walk away) is good for all interior plastic, vinyl & rubber


many door jams rubber faces the dull looking & whitish powdered finish





a dull looking interior....unattractive vinyl

picture before



ta da



just a soft touch



another breakthrough invention...leather, vinyl , plastic

spray on , wipe off & walk away



now this is the most optimised looking vinyl & protected against UV & the heat of the tropics


thanks for taking your precious time in view another detailing tale again

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Nice job KC. Optimum has increased my speed as well, almost makes me lazy, LOL



certainly buddy


now u have more time


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