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Ok, I have tried and love the Optimum Tire shine. I have reviewed all of the optimum products and see a place for each and every one of them. However...


Why is there the Tire Gel? I cannot figure out why you have 2 different tire dressings. I don't spray on the tire shine. I spray in on an applicator and wipe it on the tires as to not get overspray everywhere and that is how I think it should be applied by everyone. So why not just have the gel or the spray?


What is the difference? I am looking to get a gallon of the spray but am holding off because I have not tried the gel yet.


HELP!! :confused1[1]:

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Optibond applied to a properly cleaned tire will last longer. Tire shine makes the tire a little darker and glossy than Optibond, but optibond makes the tire just look clean and new. I like them both, but prefer optibond because I have a HVLP sprayer to apply it with and that gets into the tread. I never can seem to get into the treads with an applicator and that bothers me on some OCD level I guess. Neither look greasy or too shiney, so you can't really go wrong.

I asked a similar question in an email to Dr. G but perhaps my question would be helpful to others as well.


I use and like Opti-Bond. However, I find that when I apply any tire dressings such as Opti-bond, my applicator turns black. I find that when I wipe down the tire after applying the dressing, the towel has black marks. When I wash the tires, the stiff tire brush gets a greasy, black buildup on the bristles. If I wipe down the tire when washing, I often get a black substance on the towel/mitt.


I've heard it called "blooming" when a tire has this black buildup on the surface. Is there anything I can do to eliminate it? Would I be better off with Tire Shine?

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You just need to clean the rubber better. An awesome product for this is Power Clean. I'd recommend using it 1:1 the first time to get all that crud off, then 3:1 prior to applying your dressing of choice.


1. Prerinse the loose stuff off

2. Coat the tire with Power Clean

3. Use stiff bristle brush to agitate the Power Clean

4. Rinse

5. Repeat 1-4 if the tire still shows gloss


Let me know how it goes,


Hey Chris,

Thanks! Do I need to worry about damaging rims with Power Clean at 100% if the rims are cool and wet? I ended up using Power Clean over the weekend when I couldn't get an Armor All-like goo off the tires after using CG Diablo, soap and water and APC+. Even the stiff tire brush had a gooey build up.


How is Power Clean as a wheel cleaner? Is it safe for all wheels at full strength or cut 1:3? It would be nice to find multiple uses for products like ONR.

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Power Clean does great on rims, 3:1...agitate...rinse. don't use on a hot rim and don't let dry. 1:1 or Stragiht is fine, but wastefull...I've never had to use it straight. For weekly washes you don't even need it 3:1...more like 5:1. Also, you can pretreat bugs at 8:1 and use on interiors 8:1 or 10:1. I do my lower panels with it at 5:1 b4 an ONR wash if they are dirty. Lots of uses...



Good Info, Thanks!


I used PC yesterday to clean some rubber window trim. It took a lot of old grime off. Pretty cool. I plan to use it on plastic trim before dressing.

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