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Hello Everyone. I am just getting acquainted with Optimum products and am looking forward to learning about the line here. I am an admin on L2D, and am an active member on DB, AG, Autopia and TID all as username Richy. I am also on DW as richyrides. I am a police officer who is finishing up his 17th year. I have been detailing for over 30 years starting with my father's antique car collection. I am a big advocate of Megs 105/205 as well as Menzerna polishes. I use a Dynabrade rotary for my correction work. My sealants of choice have been Duragloss and I usually top them with Collinite. Durability is very important to me being a Canadian and dealing with our winters. I have recently tested Opti Coat and Aquartz as well as the new Cquartz. I love, love, love these new products and absolutely believe they are the future of our craft. I appreciate the invitation to join here and am looking forward to chatting with you all here.



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