Opti Coat vs Aquartz..some comparison threads

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I have a 2004 Infiniti FX35 that I have owned since new. I have used it as a test bed for its whole life for different products. I do beta testing for a company whose products I am quite familiar with. I recently got an opportunity to test both Opti Coat as well as Aquartz and the new Cquartz. (Avi tells me I was one of the first in the world to get to test the Cquartz; I was very honoured!) I will post a few threads that I had written at L2D where I applied the different products as well as tested them with washing. The results were interesting I thought. OC was the easiest to use. The only thing I see that CQ may have over it is the hardness of the finish. I have read many, many threads about OC and very few deal with the hardness of it. I would like to know how it compares to Cquartz in that regard. Aquartz has done a good job of promoting their product's hard coating. OC may very well be as hard as its competition but I think the Optimum boys need to do a better job at communicating how hard the finish is. (That is a constructive criticism, I'm not looking to get flamed. I have no affiliation to either company and am only interested in finding a finish that is durable, hard shell and easy to use). Anyway, join me in the next few threads as I copy over the observations that I have had while using these products.

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