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Well I got to try out the Opti Coat on paint last night. I did not have much time so I just did the driver's door and the left rear door. The car had already been washed and clayed so it just got an ONR wash on those 2 panels. There were some light scratches that got PFW and M105. That was followed up with M205 and a flat white LCC pad. I jeweled the paint with 85rd and a black waffle pad. An IPA (75%) wipedown was done after those steps. The rear door got touched up with Dr Chip in 2 small places and was allowed to dry. I did the mirror first just to practice. I applied it and went over the area a few times to make sure it was even. I used a small amount (a few drops) on a foam applicator. It was drying evenly other than in one spot so I just lightly rubbed it to even it out. It buffed off easily in a few minutes. Justin had recommended on his thread that if a 2nd coat was to be applied then to do it within 5 minutes of the first coat. I followed his advice. The 2nd coat buffed off easily too.

I did the same procedure for the door but did the whole door at once. I had to hustle but it worked. I had to even it out on the door too and buffed it off. I ended up using 2 towels to buff it off. The 2nd one being a really soft cookie monster from eshine. There were no issues with the paint chips I had touched up.

What do I think of it? It looks fine. It looks no different than the original DG/Collinite duo I had on it before. It looks no different than the Aquartz. The disappointing thing about it is the feel. Aquartz is so incredibly smooth...the Opti coat is not. The finish with the Collinite was smoother than the OC. Maybe it will improve in a few days if it needs longer to cure. I'll keep checking it.

There's no question that it's easier to apply than the Aquartz that is on the market right now. We'll see if their new version evens up the field. I really wish OC had the hard shell like the Aquartz does...that would bring it up a lot in my books. I have not applied water to it yet as I want it to cure completely but I'm looking forward to trying that....for both products. Here just a few pics...the fender is done with AQ and the doors OC:








My observations of the slickness did in fact change in a day or two. I reported later in that thread that its slickness was on par with the AQ finished panels.

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