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The FX has not been washed other than with ONR since the application of OC and AQ. We had a heck of a storm today so I gave it a wash tonight. It is supposed to rain again tomorrow but I did it so I could observe any differences between the 2 products...and there was. When power washing initially, both products got any surface dirt to release and rinse away quickly. Who knows, I might not have had to use soap at all? I did however...old habits and whatnot. The surface protected by OC just seems to crazy bead whenever any liquid is put to it, be it water or soap. It rinsed very clean too. The AQ just sheets like mad...for both water and soap. The interesting thing is to watch the difference. Because I have them next to each other on panels, it is very easy to observe the difference. If it wasn't almost pitch black dark when I was doing it, I would have shot some video, but I doubt it would have turned out. Another time for in the day. The OC surface just beads like mad releasing a lot of water while the AQ surface sheets like crazy also releasing a ton of water. I did not sheet the water while rinsing. I only used the PW. The AQ left the surface with maybe about 25 to 30% less water than the OC. Not a big difference at all. Both still look amazing when done. The OC seems smoother now than it originally did too...It probably needed more cure time. Both products are winners in my books. Now, to play with the Cquartz!!


I shot this video comparing the 2 products, Aquartz and Opti Coat. I was asked to post this in this forum by a member here and I was happy to do so. I had not yet applied Cquartz when I shot the video. I will get around to doing that probably in the next week. I have to finish doing up my car as I'm buying a new one and need to get all the panels done so it's perfect for sale. Here's the video:


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Thanks for taking the time to share your test with us. I found it interesting myself, but I have only used Opti-Coat. The blow drying is a big plus for me because I want to touch the paint as little as possible, post correction. The sheeting action of AQuartz is really cool, no doubt you could do a final rinse on either coating with RO or distilled water and just walk away.


That is true about the RO water. I don't have a system for that so it never occurs to me, but for someone who does, it's a no brainer. Good point indeed.

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