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Hi Guys:


I'm an occasional weekend wash and sometimes wax guy from the Boston area. I've been using OTC products by hand for my car care needs. (the shame !) I'll be taking delivery of a 2011 Cayenne in early Dec, so I thought I better pick up my game in regards to my car care.


For the past 2 weeks or so, I've spent more hours than I ever thought I would lurking on the major detailing message boards. What an incredible amount of great information ! I learned a lot about the process and the hundreds of products. There are sooo many great products out there. Many more than I ever imagined.


Anyway, after digesting all that info and going back-and-forth a bunch, I decided to go with the Optimum line of products as much as possible. The main reasons were a great line of innovative, easy-to-use products at a reasonable price. I was also influenced by the fact that Dr G seems to be a very accessible and fairminded guy with a great passion for car care. I was impressed by the fact that he appears open and willing to take on criticism of his products in order to make them even better. Very impressive ! Another factor is this forum itself which is a great source of information about the Optimum product line. I'm confident I'll be getting some excellent guidance.


So, I'll soon be adding some posts related to how I should care for my new SUV and also related to how I can better care for my wife and daughter's cars. I'm really looking forward to getting myself setup with the Optimum system ! Thanks !


- AveJoe

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