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A couple of weeks back, I was one of the lucky winners of a bottle of Opti-Clean, from this forum.



There have been some excellent reviews from a couple of weeks ago from Cee-Dog and Tiger, etc. My review will be much shorter.



The product works as claimed. It does a fine job, on a car that is between clean and needing a wash. I find I use a large amount of product, to make sure the "cleaning" towel is damp/wet. I used about 8oz on a mini van for reference. Four 16" x 16" towels too.



Now that the bottle is finished, I will go back to my ONR washing. It's just better for _Me_.


I would like to thank Dr. G and the Forum for the chance to try a new Optimum product. =)




My favorite Optimum products: ONR, OCW, OOS, OID, OPS, OPP, OTS (I'm Opti-crazy)

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