Opti-Clean as an interior cleaner/protectant?

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AS I have stated in another post, I am new to Opti-Clean. Cee Dog's review showing Opti-Clean on interior trim started me to thinking about using Opti-Clean for maintenance interior wipe downs.

I currently use old formula ONR at wash strength and mist onto a micro fiber towel for dash and trim.


So my question is: Would Opti-Clean be better suited for this and would it leave behind more UV protection?


I do not expect Opti-Clean to replace Power Clean and Protectant Plus or Opti-Bond for complete interior details, just looking into the versatility of this - new to me - product.

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Thanks Chris for the reply! :thumbsupup[1]:


Maximum UV protection isn't a priority with me on a basic wipe down and vac. I include this with a wash & wax on customer vehicles. IMO...a thorough cleaning with maximum UV protection is what a full interior detail is.


I like the way Opti-Clean performs on interior trim dirt and grime. Using it in this manner will allow me to perform a light cleaning of vinyl and plastic with minimal cost to me and be perceived as a "bonus" to the customer. I was just being curious as to the protection level.


Glad you have used Opti-Clean on glass with good results. I have tried it on my wife's interior glass, but have yet to use on a customer vehicle.


I am looking forward to getting more familiar with this fantastic product. Thanks Optimum!

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I thInk u could compare the protection of opticlean to what ONR leaves on paint meaning that it's short lived compared to a dedicated protection product, but with regular use it can be substantial. Scottwax has a video of beading on a car that hasn't been waxed in a year but has been ONR'd every couple weeks. I would wager that opticlean performs similarly inside and out.


I found that video by Scottwax. I'm impressed. Thanks for the info!

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  • 2 months later...

Are there any interior surfaces that OC shouldn't be used on (i.e. leather seats)?


I have used it on the vinyl seats in my work truck with no issues. IMO - you could use it on coated leather. Always test in an inconspicuous area 1st! Protectant Plus would be a better choice though.


Hopefully, Chris will share his wisdom with us on this. :thumbsupup[1]:

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