WARNING: Polish and Compound troubles/separation


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Was going though my polishes and compounds the other day. I found my Optimum Polish II (two 32 oz. bottles, two different fomulas), Hyper compound, Poli-Seal were serparated completely. The only compound/polish that wasn't, was the optimum compound was in perfect condition. I bought these items in Oct 2008 from Kleen car (Awesome guy, that Kevin is). I Live in the So. Cal. area and have shakin' the items about twice a year to prevent the separation issue that others have reported on this site. I tried shaking them profusely and no luck. I had an older blender and tried the Poli-seal in it with no luck, but big mess!! =)



Bottom line of this email is a warning to all users of the optimum polishes and compounds: Shake your stock more often than I did.


Most likely, I will order a new Poli-Seal and shake it more often.

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Sending the four bottles out today, Chris. I don't believe temperature would have been a factor, unless being in Los Angeles California with the cold "45 degree" nights in December, would have created a problem. Check out the bottles and then lets discuss the proper ways of storage and the expected shelf life of the Optimum polishes.


I must say that Optimum truely does care about their customers.


Terry, mail the unused product to:


Optimum Car Care

attn: Chris Thomas

122 Cumberland Street

Memphis, TN 38112


I will replace it for you as soon as I receive it. I'm not sure what the cause or conditions were, but we want you to be happy with Optimum products.


Best Regards,


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