Using ONR @ QD strength or Opti-Clean before a self service wash?


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My ideal situation this winter would be to go to a self-serve car wash, power wash my car, come home, and do an ONR wash in the garage. Unfortunately, even in my garage it's so darn cold and I don't feel like freezing my hands off...


I've been able to do a couple of power washes at the self-serve, and then just hopped on the highway to let it dry. No other washing was done. This did a good job of removing caked on dirt, salt, etc... but the car was still somewhat dirty (some of it was probably water spots from not drying the car).


I'm wondering if spraying ONR or Opti-Clean (or even some dilution of Optimum Car Wash) before the self-serve power wash would provide any added benefit/assistance in removing dirt. Or, is it just not a good idea to use ONR or OC (though maybe Car Wash is ok?) since I won't be wiping it off with a MF?


As a bit of background, I put on a coat of KAIO and 845 in late November.


I just really can't wait for this winter to be over...


Thanks for any thoughts.

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Interesting thought. Obviously, nothing will be a substitute for actual agitation of the surface by hand, but a pre-soak with ONR at a dilution of less than QD strength, but stronger than normal wash strength certainly ought to make some difference in your results. Only issue I can see is the ONR solution freezing before the wash water hits it. Hopefully, someone had tried it and will share the outcome.



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Work fast and it will work, let it sit there to long and it will freeze, but the pressure washer will fix that when u make your way around, a pre soak does make alittle difference though but without agitation won't be 100%, atleast this is what I observed with qd str onr on side panels with a few weeks of dirt

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