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I finally got around to using my Opti Mitt tonight and I must say I'm very impressed!! It seems to clean so much faster than using a mf.

I have a few questions. Can I leave it in a pail with ONR for extended periods of time? I like to keep a pail mixed up so it's ready when I need it. The other thing is do you think you guys could come up with a smaller one for wheels?

This is definitely one product that at first glance you don't think is necessary until you use it...then you're a believer!


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You guys already have such fat hands we had to make the opening bigger, LOL... how am I supposed to pitch a smaller size?


Maybe finger holes like a bowling ball. Heck I don't know I'm just the consumer , not a engineer. LOL.

Something small would help for the intracate wheels found on todays vehicles.

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I have some of the gloves that I picked up at PAC that I use on m/c spoked wheels. Didn't know wall mart carried them. As far as a smaller mitt or sponge type device I just thought it might help apply more product to the wheel surface.

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