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As promised by winning the You Outta Be in Pictures contest here is a review of Powerclean.


Initially I was just going to just do an interior with it but decided to try it on a few different things. Everything I tried it on I had it mixed at 3:1.


Please keep in mind when looking at the pictures that all I was doing were spot tests and not full details.


One fancy bottle of Powerclean




How about some blue jean stains on tan leather



When I first started cleaning it off things weren't looking so good. I knew if I my leather brush it probably would have taken the blue off right away but for all of these tests I wanted to stick with a MF towel. After letting the Powerclean dwell for a few seconds I was able to get all of the blue off.



Here is a leather center console that the owner thought was clean. I'm not sure what cheap "protectant" they had on it but it looked terrible. I just love how they protected everything without cleaning it first...




Filthy Rims




Simply sprayed the Powerclean on and wiped off with a MF towel with zero dwell time.




Dirty tires



This is what really got me excited about Powerclean. Again I sprayed it on and wiped it clean with a MF towel with zero dwell time. This is by far the best product I have used for cleaning tires.




I figured I would also give it a try under the hood on a engine bay that hasn't been cleaned in 15 years. Everything in these next few pictures are covered in grease and grime. There was no dwell time, everything was sprayed and wiped away with a rag. Again these are quick test spots on a 96' Grand Am so don't expect anything to look like new.










I feel I could have diluted it even more and achieved the same results on everything I tried it on. I just can't figure out how something can be so gentile on leather but yet have the power to clean those nasty tires and grease under the hood. This is truly an all purpose cleaner.



Can be diluted

Cleans anything from leather to grease under the hood.

Best dang tire cleaner I have ever used.

No harsh odors.



It is up there in price when compared to most other all purpose cleaners.

I didn't order a gallon at the same time Chris sent me this bottle.


I just wanted to add that the more Optimum products I use the more I am impressed with this company. I have yet to try any of their compounds or polishes but I almost feel like Optimum could be a one stop shop for all of your detailing needs. Hopefully one of these days I will get a chance to try those polishes and knock out another review.


I also want to thank Chris for giving me the opportunity for trying new products and having these contests.

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