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It's time to knock the snow off my car and my brain (maybe, hopefully, finally). And as happens in the Spring, a middle age man's heart turns to... Detailing the mid-life crisis car. Here's my plan for comment and suggestion:


The target: 2010 Lexus IS350C in Ultrasonic Blue Mica (the my wife's gray MDX)


The Process:

1)ONR wash

2) Clay with megs blue or pinnacle clay I just ordered using ONR as lube.

3) Polish with Hyperpolish (just ordered LC hydrotech cyan and tangerine pads for my old PC)

4) <<<Opticoat>>> (did a separate thread on this, not sure my skill in correction is good enough)

5) Optiseal (necessary with Opticoat?)

6) maintenance with ONR, Opticlean, and OCW as appropriate


Two specific questions:

A) how warm should it be before I try all of this? Kansas has some pretty random temps this time of year.

B) Still wondering about the cut and combo possibilities of Hyperpolish; can someone help me out?




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Just waiting for my bad back to cooperate. Decided to ask here rather than hijack another thread: What's the best way to strip old LSP before polishing when you primarily use ONR and OOC? Is the presoaking with OPC the best way? Might not be that necessary on my car as I can't remember when I last put Optiseal on it (might have been last fall or spring or even --egads-- fall of '09).

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