Can u detail my ride?...Rotary Hands on intensive lesson by KC


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Hands on Rotary session for soon.....for those interested


3 Apr

I helped one of my buddy to acquire his fullmetal jacket (Detailing starter Kits) consisting of

Makita Rotary Buffer, Backing plate, cutting, polishing pad & Compound + Polish


So my responsible is to train ,equip and empower him….with a very limited time …within days we set it on Sundays

start with Hands on



Begin with ONR wash – test out ssurface contaminations & movin on to Clay with ONR as lube



Intensive lesson consist of ….paint study, how to read paint damages – eg swirls, RIDs, scratches

proper washing techniques, clay, handling on Rotary – the correct way to hold the rotary,

the importance of buying & investing on a proper Machinery specifications, Important on Backing Plate – flexible or stiff, proper Padding for each correctional


How to use Rotary to level out the paint (managing the speed for each process& monitoring the level of cuts) for correcting the paint - damages - Compounding with wools pads, compounding with cutting pad, Polishing with Polishing pads & finishing finally the seal-ing & waxing



This Itliano ride look great from far away but near you will notice

Paint defect – Swirls & RIDS….




Machine Hands on begin…..wool pads cutting with Optimum Hyper Spray Compound …stepping down with LC cutting pad with Optimum Hyper Spray Compound …Final step down with Optimum Hyper Spray Polish with Polishing Pads




after paint leveling & correction



everyone get to try on the Machine Hands on with the Hype spray technology compound & polish



ta da






the arsenal that saves the car for the day


A 10 minutes of car exterior sealing – with Opti seal

A 5 minutes of wax – with the effortless easy & effective Optimum Car Wax


Ta da



Ta da




to read more here

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Great work KC. It's great that you do training sessions and thanks for sharing.



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Thank Chris

yupp the best way to share with others when u got the best - as for me I have got Optimum



Kc you inspire me to train others, great work brother!


Thanks Perfections

it is always blessed to give than to recieve - what a better way to tell the world you love them by showing to them....You care


try it & u wouldnt get disappointed

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