Opti Coat on clear bra

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Hi, I just ordered some Opti Coat for my wheels and headlights. However, I want to actually try the stuff before I decide if I want to use it on my paint. I have a pretty new clear bra on a car with nice paint, I did read some place that OC is Ok with a clear bra. However, I'm wondering if it would offer better protection on a clear bra compared to more traditional sealants and waxes. Or, would the main benefit be that you only have to apply it once. In other words, would OC make the clear bra material more resistant to scratches than say no coating or a maintenance coating of a sealant? If you think that OC could keep clear bras looking better longer than with no product, or than with a more traditional product, wouldn't this be a great use for Opti Coat? Since a good clear bra can cost up to a thousand dollars, any protection that can reduce marring it in the long run would be great. Thanks.

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