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I am doubly blessed - to be received some lab test product from Doc G, Optimum USA

and same time able to detail one of the rare exotics -




another innovative product by Doc G,



optimum double sided pad & double sided wool - freshly flown at the right time for this detail



moving to paint issue - some minor paint pigmentations & undefined paint (paint with no clarity or definitions)




more swirls accumulated over the past decade



the most wonderful part of the innovation is - there is only 2 steps polish and finish


1st with wool & then foam pad


unlike my last detail & all the other - cut with wool, the continue with cutting pad, then polishing pad & finishing pad...and see for yourself





ta da



i am so fortunate to be able to test out this product, AREA 51 - top secret


remember before





at first hardly i could believe that this work- after all my years of polishing, how can u finish cutting thi9s level of paint by just another passes of polishing - hologram free even with rotary

wow such an amazing - 2 product finish (saves lots of time & effort)

never a time paint correction make so easy & effortless - amazing technology evolves - congrats to Doc G -


to read more to read more here


dedicating this post to Doc G

a 50 /50 % comparison


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KC! You forgot to share something very important to the user of those "test samples" made by Dr.G. What does it smell like? Does it smell just as good as ONR? Good enough to drink? haha j/k. Great Job.thumbsupup[1].gif

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