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Is this still avaible? If so, what weight is it, is it a medium clay and can I buy direct from here to be shipped to england?


Which is better as the lube, onr or the qd?


The qd I use at the moment for a lube is AutoGlym Fast Shine or Duragloss QD, both are on the expensive side for products that arnt dilutable.


I can go thru a lot of qd depending on size of car, heat of day etc

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Hello matthew,


For the clay I believe Chris Thomas & Dr.G has the answer.



For the QD and clay lube.

In my opinion, I used ONR as a lube/QD and its fantastic. Cheaper too.


You can mix the dilution to your requirement. More ONR=more lubrication. I find it actually better than those red bottle Megs QD. Remember to use a clean unused spray bottle(never had any previous chemicals before in them) and use preferably distilled water. If you are unable to make or get distilled water then any clean filtered water source will do.

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