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Hello everyone,


Will be detailing a vehicle over the weekend, plan to allocate one full day for proper paint prep and another for OC application; vehicle will be detailed in a sheltered garage.


Used OC on several vehicles before and my personal opinion is that OC gives a very clean look.


Owner of above mentioned vehicle has asked me a question which I would like to clarify with the guys at Optimum (do not want to give wrong information based on my observation),



1) Does OC slightly alter the look of the paint like carnaubas and sealants? Or is it a "neutral" coating which just dries clear and protects paint?


2) I understand that Poli-Seal can be used to maintain OC. Will the use of Poli-Seal by hand thin the OC layer or shorten its lifespan since its abrasive?



Appreciate your assistance, thanks. :groupwave[1]:

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I personally prefer not to wax. It's not really adding any protection because the protection from OC is better than any wax. I also feel wax seems to hinder the performance of the coating.


If you want to do anything I recommend quick detail sprays. These will add to the finish.

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I Could not find the thread on applying product over OC. I want to say the post in the thread was from Dr G or Chirs ??


what I can recall from memory on applying a LSP over OC.


1. The surface will take on the characteristics of what is applied until it is off ( melts off, washed off etc ).

- This is more focused at the OC function of resisting contaminates sticking to it.


2. The product applied to OC will last even shorter than it did on polished paint due to the "anti stick" function of OC.

- Think the line was, by 30 days after application any LSP would be gone.


I only wash and blow dry and apply ONR mixed to QD ratio on OC.

- I have not tried OID yet, still in the old habit of mixing ONR as a QD.


This is just the summary I have in the back of my mind when asked about applying an LSP over the OC application that I am talking to people ( friends and family, I'm only hobby level ) about.


The always playing with polishing and LSPs, this is part of the reason I only did the roof of the cab, cap and tailgate on my truck. I have a ready supply of paint to work with when I feel the need. Right now there is 3 coats of Optiseal ( 24 hr cure ) and OCW on all but the hood ( just did a Nanoskin test on the hood ).

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